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Bus Routes

ACSD 2023-2024 Bus Routes Updated 08/01/23

Please note: All times are approximate. Times for bus routes can vary by several minutes depending on traffic, construction, weather, and ridership. Students should be at their bus stop at least 5 minutes earlier than the published time. For safety reasons, drivers will not wait for students to come to the stop. If you have questions about a route, please contact your school. We will update any changes to the bus routes as soon as they are known.

On the following half-days, buses will follow the same routes and travel time from the end of the day until student-drop off will remain similar to full days.
2023-2024 Half days: October 4, November 8, December 6, February 7, March 6, April 3, May 1


ACSD Transportation Memo to Families
Aug 24, 2023

Dear ACSD Families, 

I am writing to share some Transportation related information with you as we prepare for the kids to hop back on the buses and head to school. 

  • K-1: Parent/Guardian Must Be Present. Our new transportation agreement stipulates that a parent/guardian must be present to send and receive all kindergarten and first grade students onto and off of the bus each day. 

    • Parents/guardians should accompany all K-1 students to ensure their safety at the bus stop while they are waiting. Bus stops are often on busy roads. 

    • If a parent/guardian is not present at drop off, the child will not be let off the bus and will be returned to their school building to await pick up.  

    • While a parent/guardian may demonstrate presence by waving to the driver from the house, children will not be let off the bus simply because the family’s car is in the driveway. The driver needs to see you. 

    • For exceptions (such as a student riding with an older sibling), please contact your child’s school. 

  • Early Release Days - During the school year, we have one early release day each month. These are historically the most difficult days for drivers to match kids up with parents/guardians at drop off. The District will be sending email and phone reminders the day before early release days to help families plan accordingly. 

  • Change of Ridership Plans - All modifications to a student’s bus route must be approved by their school. You must notify the school if: A student is riding to a friend or family member’s house, getting off at MUMS or MUHS, or altering their normal routine in any other way. 

    • Schools will use stamps to verify parental notes. 

      • Drivers will not comply with unverified/unstamped modification notes. 

      • Drivers are not allowed to receive verbal modifications from parents/guardians at pickup. Please do not try to give drivers any verbal instructions regarding your student’s ridership. All communication must go through the school. 

  • FY24 Student Bus Behavior Policy - Please follow this link to access the current Bus Behavior Policy.

    • Behavioral/Disciplinary Issues - All disciplinary actions related to bus rides are handled by the school(s) administrators. Bus drivers are not responsible for disciplinary action and are legally required to report all incidents directly to the principal. 

    • Similarly, parents are required to communicate any and all concerns regarding the bus directly to the principal. Parents should not attempt to communicate with the drivers regarding student behavioral issues.

Matthew Corrente
ACSD Director of Operations